Tama Yumoto
My specialty is life science and drawing work. I’ve always admired amateur radio. I love factory, vehicle, and machine.

Aya Terasawa
I often watch images of the earth from the ISS on Youtube.
I want to see the Earth from the space one day.
I was addicted to the acupoints when I imagined Muska taking an exam to take amateur radio grade 3.

Yoko Watanabe
As a universe lover, club activities are astronomical. The moon was my specialty.Since Space Battleship Yamato,
I’ve been addicted to drawing spaceships and cockpit pictures, and I love cars and mecha.I love engineer talk.
Belongs to the Society for Protecting the Future of the Hanayama Observatory of Kyoto University.

Ruri Yamaguchi & Takae Yamaguchi
Mama met “Return from Space”, Ruri said “Earth is lapis lazuli!” And “Space Brothers”, and I fell in love with Space Talk.
Parents and children are working on Cosmo girls.
Takae was a high school student who loved the magazine “Newton”.
Ruri is a 4th grader who wants to become an astronaut and go to Mars.
I love watching the ISS flying in the night sky with my parents.

Ai Tomoto
I love space, archeology and art.
I want to make friends who can talk about “likes” together through amateur radio and artificial satellite launches!

Ayako Kurono

Arisa Sano

Ayako Sakakibara



Ibuki Yamaguchi
Born in Newton (magazine) and raised in Cosmic Front, he is a complete science boy! (Smile)
I’m really looking forward to being involved in the universe I’ve been longing for!
I am good at science in general, especially programming.

Hiroki Ueno
I’ve been looking for the meaning of living since I was a kid.
I wondered if the answer was in space, so I became interested in space!
thank you~!

Yuma Tateno
I’m often mistaken for sales, but I’m an engineer and a science boy!
I was doing physics until graduate school!
I am looking forward to the space field with new challenges!

Kazunori Muto
I like electronic work ♪ I have a soldering iron at home.
Amateur radio is a paper driver, so I will practice it from now on!